How to maintain the knife

When you have gone to that step and bought yourself a quality knife from Brusletto & Co AS, you have a knife that will last for many years. To hold the knife pen, we recommend that you clean it after use with clean water or maybe a little soapy water and dry it thoroughly before putting it back in the sheath.

Normally, the shaft will not need any finishing for a long time, but if necessary you can use a good furniture oil. If necessary, the sheath can be inserted with grease for leather.

There are four things that determine how well the knife stays sharp:

1. Steel quality

2. Hardness

3. The design of the egg

4. What the knife is used for

Our blade blades are made of stainless steel, which is cured to a hardness of 56-58 Rockwell. Some blades are hollow cut, others are cut and others have normal Scandinavian straight grinding.

In use, there are two processes in particular that blunt the egg. One is hard load that breaks loose small pieces of the egg and makes it sawtooth. The other is that the egg settles down. This can be corrected with some knitles with knife steel. After some time of use, the knife will no longer be dull and we will distinguish between grinding and cutting the knife. When a knife becomes blunt it means that it loses the conical shape it has been given during production. Cutting the knife will temporarily restore it. For larger notches or injuries, the blade must be sanded. It should be done on a grinding stone where it is important that the temperature does not get too high to destroy the hardening of the blade. There has always been discussion whether to grind with or against the grinding stone. What is important is that the edge is straight and not curved, and then you must grind at the same angle relative to the grinding stone all the time on both sides of the blade.

When the knife is to be browned, we recommend that you keep the brow still and carry the knife over the brow as if you want to cut thin slices off it. Move the knife back and forth or in circles until it is sufficiently sharp.

To further refine a super-sharp egg, you can pull the knife over a leather eyebrow. The cutting of the edge of the leather eyebrow must always be done with the edge, if you make it against the edge you have no leather brow anymore. Sharpening steel must be used at the same angle as during grinding. Hold the knife and sharpener so you have control over this, pulling the knife calmly in an arc movement from shaft to tip. Change page for each move. Start with a little pressure and finish carefully.


Take care of your knife and it lasts for generations.