Shaft and sheath

Most shafts are made of mason birch, birch, rattan, olive tree and micarta. Some of the Brusletto blades feature masonry birch shafts, a wood species known for their distinctive and decorative wood details. Masurbjork is a birch where the bark tissue has grown into the tree and formed a fine pattern. The shaft is inserted with linseed oil and then polished so that it is virtually maintenance-free. If maintenance is needed, the shaft can be inserted with oil, for example a furniture oil or the like. The shaft has a design that is intended to ensure a safe and good grip, and be adapted to the use of the knife.

The sheath is made of axillary, and some models have their own safety insert so that the knife is firmly and securely in place during all kinds of traffic and activity in forests and fields. The insert also allows the knife to slide more easily in and out of the sheath, and that the sheath keeps the shape better. Other slips have edge blocks against which the edge rests and which ensures against cutting through the seam. We have inserted the sheath with leather gloss that protects the leather. The sheath can be maintained by inserting it with some leather grease or shoe polish once in a while.

The bracket up on the slip - where it exists - is often manufactured in nickel silver and can be sanded with silver plaster. On some models like Hunter and Tiur, it is made of aluminum.