Off hands for hands

Brusletto knives are handmade by our skilled employees at our factory in Geilo. Our knife makers pick out raw materials for the shaft, sheath and blade and process the raw materials all the way to the finished knife. This means that no knives are exactly the same, but all our knives are made to last and as proof of this we therefore provide lifetime warranty on our knives. If something goes wrong we will repair the knife if possible, if you do not get a new equivalent knife. Our basic idea is that a Brusletto knife is a companion on tour, a good tool to help you solve both large and small tasks.

It should be by your side ... always!


As the pictures from our production premises show, we have slightly larger and tougher machines, but making a quality knife is still handwork.

Did you know:

  • In order to produce a single knife, on average 50 work operations are performed by hand
  • Sheaths for skids are manually punched out
  • The quality can vary within the same piece of leather. We only use the best quality for our skirts
  • The sleeves are sewn by hand
  • The shaft is produced from a wooden board
  • To make a knife shaft, approx. 1 kg of raw masonry birch
  • From the subject to the shaft happens in a few minutes in the lathe. The design of the shaft is essential for the use of the knives
  • In the furnaces, the knife blades are cured at 1075 degrees Celsius
  • Robots help us with the production, but people still have the most important role in knife production
  • Assembly and final finishing are handwork at Brusletto & Co AS
  • All excess steel and metal from punching knife blades and hollows is recycled
  • We use environmentally friendly and non-hazardous materials in our production facilities