We thrive in the kitchen when we cook or watch others do it. Therefore, we know that a sharp and good kitchen knife is important. We make knives because they mean a lot to us and we have challenged knife design, developed and made knives at Geilo since 1896.

Hunter Premium Chef is a brand new range of exclusive kitchen knives designed and manufactured in our factory in Geilo. We have taken the shaft from our iconic knife Hunter which was designed by Magnus Haugen and Kåre Brusletto. The kitchen knives have a tapered blade that is hand-ripped and browned and has a silky-smooth surface. The knife blades have Scandinavian straight cut double eggs. The result is a beautiful knife with a very good grip and a super sharp egg.

Hunter Premium Chef is handmade by our skilled employees at our factory in Geil. It is Trond, Roar and Harald with us here at Geilo who make parts and assemble the knives. They pick out raw materials for the shaft, sheath and blade and process it all the way to the finished knife. This means that no knives are exactly the same, but all our knives are made to last and as proof of this we give lifetime warranty on our knives. If something goes wrong we will repair the knife if possible, if you do not get a new equivalent knife

Hunter Premium Chef is perfect for anyone who appreciates a super sharp and state-of-the-art kitchen knife with a beautiful design.

Hunter Premium Chef is used by Andreas Viestad on TV2 in the program One Bit Of Norway.


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