Tradition and quality for over 121 years

Brusletto & Co AS was established in 1896 by Rognald Brusletto. The story of ore mining at Hardangervidda and the craftsmanship of cigars, scars, axes and swords around Geilo started already 1500 years ago. Early in history, Geilo became an established power center for forging tools for work and leisure.

It is therefore a very long tradition as the craftsman and industrial builder Rognald Brusletto enters into when he started up as a knife and scythe at Geilo in 1896. When he designed and developed the machine hammer based on hydropower, he simultaneously opened for a technical development and industrial production that would leave its mark on the company and the local community for generations. Today, Brusletto & Co produces finer sports and hiking knives. Our knives are an important tool whether you are going on a hike or you are going to hunt and fish. The blades are designed and manufactured to be in use. The shape of the shaft and blade is different depending on the need you as a user want to cover. And not least what's best in your hand.

The steel we use is high-grade knife steel. It is treated, punched out and cured to the optimum hardness. The knife should last a long time on the sharpness while not being difficult to re-set when needed.

We use different types of wood in our shafts, such as mason birch, birch, olive tree, nut tree and rattan. Our wood materials come from different places and are not threatened with extinction.

We strive for environmentally friendly production and have return routines on residual materials where possible.

We are proud of our knives, they are made with experience gathered through over 120 years of production.

Our idea is that a knife is the companion on tour, a good tool to help you solve both small and large tasks. It should be by your side .... always!


January 1st, 2019, Brusletto & Co became part of the Dalema Group after Ultimate Nordic aquired majority shareholding in the company. Ultimate Nordic is on of the leading players within import and distribution within the sports and leisure industry.

Dalema Group is the collective term for all the companies owned by Dag Leo Vestre Martinsen, which conducts trading activities within import, retail trade, industry and real estate. See more about the Dalema Group here.


Knife blade on the way out of the hearth oven. The knife blades are cured to a hardness of 57-58 Rockwell C.